90th Year Anniversary Launch.

“And the Countdown Begins”

Last Sunday, the 17th of September 2017, the launch of the 90th year anniversary since the first achen arrived in Malaysia was carried out. The purpose of the launch was to officially initiate the year-long celebration which will conclude on the 16th of September 2018 with a grand celebration. This anniversary commemoration is not only to remember this historic date but to also celebrate the rich culture and heritage of the Malankara Orthodox Church in Malaysia that is truly unique. The launch which was such a joyous occasion was due to the hard work of the committee members with the support from all the church members which made the launch a success. Our very own Philip Thomas Corepiscopa Achen officiated the launch by releasing balloons to the sky which lead to a banner being released. The youth movement also helped to sell tables for the grand celebration in the coming year which will be held in the HGH Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. The prices of the table start from RM2000 till RM5000. Besides that, souvenir book adivertisments were also being promoted  during this launch. This auspicious day marks a great start to a wonderful celebration of our church’s history and it will definitely be one for the books.

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