Community – the voice of our Church

We live in a world where our voices spark change and make a lasting impact. 2020, the year everyone was forced into isolation to combat the pandemic taught people to connect in different ways. We realised that many people were out there coping with the new normal and the challenges it brings. The Covid-19 pandemic is arguably the most devastating “event” in many of our lives. It has affected us both positively and negatively in many aspects of our life. While we work to preserve the past, we must also highlight the present to help people cope for a better tomorrow.

With this in mind, the OYM Youth team came up with “Community”, a platform in which we would talk to a variety of people within our community about issues that are relevant during this time. Community peeks into the lives of our members and their struggles during this pandemic. Personally, we believe Community is very important in understanding the various aspects of people’s lives and how this pandemic has changed the everyday routines of our members. However, it is important to remember that difficult times don’t last. That is something that has been proven time and time again. Be it floods, hurricanes, earthquakes or even a global pandemic, no matter how hopeless the situation, things will get better eventually. The community is a family. Not necessarily by blood but through shared experience and culture. We are people woven together like fabric. We lean on one another, learn from one another, celebrate together and grieve together. But like a fabric, even when one thread is broken, the whole community is affected.

Community will revolve around talking to people via Zoom and recording their session in which key points will be highlighted in a small write-up to be put up on the OYM Instagram page. Get ready to listen, be inspired and aspire to know and learn from each of our stories. So sit back and enjoy The Community with us.

From the Desk

Producer of The Community